Keys to Staying Positive

“You know that healing has different phases right? The only way you can heal is from acknowledging that what is happening is what you have to deal you deal with it the best that you can,”- The wise words from a friend of mine.

The phrase has since stuck with me, and it’s something I believe I should share with others. I took what she had said, and I started changing the way I had felt, talked, and shared with myself and others. 

Rule Number One- Changing the way you speak to yourself :

If you start by saying something negative, “This year really sucks,” proceed to add, “but it’s going to get better.” at the end of the sentence. See the difference that it makes when you trick your brain into going from a negative to positive outlook just by adding “better” to the end? Boom...psychology. 

Rule Number Two- Learning Ways to Heal:

Healing means different things to different people. Is your healing time spent at the gym? Songwriting? Church? Therapy? Whatever you have to do to heal, you need to acknowledge it, accept it, and work through it. You’ve got this!

Rule Number Three- Spread Love to Others (...but make sure you’re social distancing):

Being vulnerable to others can be extremely hard for some. It has taken me twenty two years to understandable vulnerability, and that’s okay. What does help during a horrible pandemic is breaking down that vulnerability wall and reaching out to others. Go ahead and send that, “Hey are you doing okay? You’re in my thoughts. I have your back. I’m here for you” message. Life’s too short not to send it, and during a pandemic is when the community needs that message the most. 

Rule Number Four- Take Some Time:

Life can be very overwhelming, especially for the year 2020. The best advice I can give is just to take some time for yourself. Do what you need to do to stay happy and healthy, and if you need to rest- take some time to rest! 

Rule Number Five- You’re Doing the Best You Can:

I guarantee you if you repeat this to yourself every morning and every evening, you’re bound to have a more positive outlook. You need to give yourself some grace. You’re doing well, and remember to believe there’s better days ahead! 

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